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Update September ’09

After a busy summer, I’m heading back to the grey, sprawling Belfeild campus to start my second year studying History and Politics.

I’ve nearly finished my next article which will be on the student days of Irish Republican socialists Frank Ryan and Charles Donnelly.

After that, I’m looking forward to tackling an array of subjects including the 1985 UCD Cleaner’s Strike, Martin Dolphin (see April’s update), UCD’s fascist connections (Hans Hartmann, Ailtirí na hAiséirghe), UCD’s 1980s rave scene and more.

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Update April ’09

Over the last week, I’ve posted my first seven articles and publicised the blog as much as I can online.

Over the coming weeks/months, I hope to do more research and eventually write stories on the following:

1. UCD and The Spanish Civil War; At least two students, Frank Ryan and Charlie Donnelly travelled to Spain to fight on the Republican side against Franco.
2. Easter 1916 Rising and the involvement of UCD students and staff.
3. Martin Dolphin; The strange case of the former UCD student and Maoist who was arrested, imprisoned in Mountjoy and then sent to Dundrum Hospital for the Criminally Insane after assualting a garda at the opening of the Belfield arts block in 1970.
4 UCD women’s cleaner strike in 1985 which lasted four months and saw various occupations and pickets.
5. Hans Hartmann; Nazi party member who during the war broadcast radio messages from Berlin to Ireland in Irish. He studied Irish Language and Folklore in UCD (1937-9)

Any suggestions, hints or tips on the above or any other possible stories, please email me at matchgrams (at)

I also hope to do more research into the history of the UCDSU, Student Bar/Club and start getting stuck into the UCD Student Newspaper archive.