A new blog dedicated to collating the radical and social history of University College Dublin (UCD).

All articles researched and written by Sam M.

4 responses to “About

  1. Keep it up! Anything on the occupation of ’79?

  2. Not sure if this fits in anywhere in your brief:

  3. Blag den chéad scoth! A great blog! Don’t know if the following links are of any use to you, but there are some fantastic photos of the Belfield campus back in the day (click ‘view gallery’):



    Keep up the good work.
    Le meas,

  4. Unreal blog! I hope you continue to unearth stories about this place. When I arrived at UCD two years ago, I found it a bit soul-less. After much exploring and hearing many stories, I discovered a gold mine of history attached to the place. It has definitely lost some of its character over the years, but maybe it’ll come back!

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