Bread and Roses (Student Feminist Magazine, c. 1974)

Bread and Roses was a Women’s Lib. fanzine published by women in Belfield in the mid 1970s. It was a crudely designed, black and white, 18 page stapled zine.

The slogan “Bread and Roses” originated in a poem of that name by James Oppenheim, published in The American Magazine in December 1911, which attributed it to “the women in the West.” It is commonly associated with a textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts during January-March 1912, now often known as the “Bread and Roses strike”.

I’ve been passed on issues 2 and 3. I’ve uploaded issue 2 (see below) and will get around to issue 3 as soon as possible. I’m not sure how many issues were published altogether. If anyone has any other copies, please get in touch.


Bread and Roses, Number 2:

Men – Where Is Your Courage? – Eileen Lynch
Feminism And Socialism – Betty Purcell
Women And The Law – Paula Scully
When A Man Wants A Woman (Poem) – Dory Previn
Women Your Body Is Your Own – Carol Louthe
A Poem – Marian Stenning
Self-help Clinics – Rosina Auberting
A Report On The International Womens Congress – Marion Connolly

Bread and Roses, Issue 2. Front Cover.

7 responses to “Bread and Roses (Student Feminist Magazine, c. 1974)

  1. Fairly fascinating stuff. Impressive find.

  2. Jean O'Sullivan

    Did a cover illustration for it once so
    look forward to seeing issue 3. Bravo for bringing this document to light, it chills the spine to recall the condition of women in 1970s Ireland.

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  6. I’m currently working on a dissertation on Irish women’s periodical culture in the latter half of the 20th century and stumbled across Bread + Roses. Issues 1 and 3-6 are held at University College Cork in the Attic Press/Roisin Conroy Archive.

  7. Jean O'Sullivan

    I did the covers for 3 and 4 which I sent to the UCD archive last September.

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