Cobblestone Connection?

Does anyone have any more information on this sign that’s on the wall in the Cobblestone pub in Smithfield, Dublin 7? What was “Graduation Pale Ale”? Very intriguing.

I have been in the Cobblestone a couple of times but I only noticed it during a visit this evening as part of the Come Here To Me December pub crawl.

I’m sorry for the terrible quality of the image. The text reads:

Graduation Pale Ale

Only 5p less

Brewed Especially For The Belfield Bar.

The logo in the bottom right hand corner seems to be an old (?) UCD logo. See here. It depicts the National Concert Hall on Earlsfort Terrace which was UCD’s home from 1908 to the early 1960s when most of the faculties relocated to Belfield. The move was not fully completed until 2007 when the last medical and engineering students made the journey from the Terrace to the Belfield Campus.

I was going to ask the barman if he knew anything about it but the place was jammers and he was a young lad who I doubt knew the history behind every old sign in the pub.

3 responses to “Cobblestone Connection?

  1. they used to serve a stout called darcy’s in the cobblestone which was really nice-i think it stopped in the late 90’s and turned into what is now the dublin brewing company so you could ask them i suppose(prob from same company)

  2. Thanks for that Jonny. It seems the DBC closed down in 2005 ( but I’ve just emailed them on the off chance they still check their email account.

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