Update September ’09

After a busy summer, I’m heading back to the grey, sprawling Belfeild campus to start my second year studying History and Politics.

I’ve nearly finished my next article which will be on the student days of Irish Republican socialists Frank Ryan and Charles Donnelly.

After that, I’m looking forward to tackling an array of subjects including the 1985 UCD Cleaner’s Strike, Martin Dolphin (see April’s update), UCD’s fascist connections (Hans Hartmann, Ailtirí na hAiséirghe), UCD’s 1980s rave scene and more.

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4 responses to “Update September ’09

  1. http://peterpmooney.blogspot.com/
    The most radical period in UCD’s history is the spring of 1969. What is really interesting is not so much what happened but what became of those who led the so called ‘Gentle Revolution’. For example Kevin Myers and Una Claffey. If you peruse the minutes of the L&H you will find the most interesting support for the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese from some of the founders of the PD’s. However some of us remained reasonably consistent in our views so I hope if you have a vote you will support me in the next NUI Seanad elections. Peter MooneyEdit Post
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  2. All of this sounds fascinating. Well done. In the late 1990s I had thought of a similar feature, but with nothing of the depth of years. Mine was more looking at various UCD “urban myths” – among the persistent rumour that the Belfield Campus was specifically designed to prevent student riots, that the smoke alarm was invented in UCD, that the student bar had the highest turnover of any bar in Ireland (or maybe Europe) and so on…

  3. For the ‘Gentle Revolution’ read Philip Petit’s edited collection ‘The Gentle Revolution: crisis in the universities’. Petit is now a professor of philosophy in Princeton.

  4. I was in Students for Democratic Action circa 69. Still a radical.Sorry but never thought much of the so-called gentle rev. stuff.

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