Belfield drugs raid

UCD made the headlines in October 1981 for all the wrong reasons after a drugs raid on the Student’ Club.

The bar was then only a large prefab situated in the carpark behind the current 10 Bus Stop depot.

Were you there that day or have any memories of what the Student Bar was like in the early 1980s? Get in touch.

The Irish Times, October 10 1981

The Irish Times, October 10 1981


6 responses to “Belfield drugs raid

  1. I remember it well largely because it’s where I spent most of my time. Two things stand out. Firstly, the football game. If you won, you stayed on and didn’t pay and there were a couple of guys who could stay there for hours and hours. I managed, I think, four games in a row. But I was clever enough to do it early in the day when there weren’t many ‘experts’ about. The second thing was a well known student in the early seventies who used to wander through the bar, occasionally, saying: “Anyone need drugs? Drugs anyone?” He wasn’t what the gardai and parents would have described as ‘a pusher’. He was just a guy who could source a bit of dope and sold in on for virtually no profit to other students. Myths about the bar? The profits were used to fund abortions!!!

  2. That was the only night I missed since 78. the followed 2 brothers from down south who had homegrown. I knew most of the studentsa arrrested. I am laughing. A Ban Garda who knew a few there and who came there herself warned a few that there was araid coming. They went around dublin coollecting garda to make the raid.

    What football game?

    It was pool in the bar, Rolling stones , B52s and Grace jones . Do you rememer that

    Then ther was a “new” committe to Save The Bar

    Naked on the pool table



  3. I remember a guy who looked quite like Rory Gallagher who was part of the furniture in the UCD bar in the mid- 70s – he always sat at the same table with a girlfriend and openly chain smoked doobies all evening – always looked incredibly spaced out, not surprisingly. I wonder what he’s doing now?

  4. I was there. It was a few days into the new term. People smoked dope openly in the Students Club, but particularly at the far end away from the main bar and where the pinball machines and pool tables were. Suddenly well into the evening cops in plain clothes stood up all around the place, flashed badges and started searching people. More came in through the door. It was a major operation. Those in possession of the banned substance threw bits of it to the floor. Some got away with it, others were arrested. The whole place was cleared for the night. The media had such fun with it, going on about student drugs dens and all that, all over a couple of dozen students with fivers or tenners worth of marijuana. My recollection is that dope was never smoked in the Belfield Bar after that, or if it was it was very discreet.

    • Hi Mark, I was there around the same time but not in the bar that night. I was involved with the group of Students that all ran for the Bar Committee and then threw out all the drug dealers. They ended up havimng to deal in the Belfield Restaurant. They then reported all the students who had joined the bar committee to the drugs squad as people who had taken over the drug trade. We were actually put under surveillance by the drugs squad for a few weeks until they realised that we were genuinely trying to clean up the drugs problem in Belfield Bar.
      John Ward.

  5. I had started at UCD that year. I went home for the weekend otherwise I would have been in the bar that night.

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