UCD Student Newspapers. Appeal for help.

In the process of trying to collate a timeline history of student run UCD newspapers.

Can you remember what newspapers there were when you were in UCD? Can you fill any of the blanks?

The Student; 1954-64
University Gazette; 1958-68
Confrontation; 1968-1969 (Published by Students for Democratic Action)
Campus; 1966-69
UCD news; 1973-2003 (?)
College Tribune; 1989-
University Observer; 1994-

Comhthrom Feinne (1930s -50s)?
Comhar (1944-1947,1964-1986)? (Note: National Student Magazine)
Hibernia (1946-1980)? (Note: National Student Magazine)co
The Student (1954-1964)
Awake (60s)?
Student (1969-1971) (Mid 70s-)
Student Voice (Mid 70s)?
Gobshout (Late 70s?)

36 responses to “UCD Student Newspapers. Appeal for help.

  1. Marie Coleman

    I wrote a short piece on this in a UCD alumni magazine around 1995 or 1996. I also heard that there was an effort during the 1970s to run a magazine called Catholic University News and Truth – think about the acronym! The SUN: Student Union News was there in the early and mid-1990s.

    • To Marie Coleman. Are you authoir of the excellent study on Longford. My mother was from Granard.
      Oh Confrontation was succeeded by SDA news, fairly short lived. The Labour Party a journal as well. The engineers produced Anvil. Article by Tariq Ali when I was there.

  2. Not strictly speaking a newspaper – i was a UCD Editor of the very short lived joint UCD/TCD publication Miscellany (essentially TCD Miscellany with the UCD Philosophy Society contributing money, writers and some Belfield distribution) in 99/00. We only brought out two issues though.

  3. I was reading science at Belfield 1968-72 and worked on “Instead” – I wrote “Man in a suitcase”. Instead was a left wing Oz look alike with lots of cartoons and a left wing slant. We published every 2-3 weeks using the students’ union offices at the week end and were eventually chucked out and had to produce the paper from someone flat. Our end of term parties were infamous for drinking and smoking pot though we banned pot smoking on the paper as we could never get any work done,

  4. Don’t forget the Belfield Bugle, which has made a reappearence on campus as of late

  5. I was editor of the National Student ( Cothraim Feile) in 1948-49. It was descended in line from St Stephens ( 1908) and was closed down by the college authorities in 1953. It was run and funded by the SRC independent of the College. The UCD library and Trinity have copies ( with gaps).

  6. Here’s a story for you.
    Tom Kettle edited St Stephens in 1903-4

  7. I was the owner/editor of Gobshout along with Fintan Drury. I have some old copies that I would be delighted to share with you.

  8. There was a left wing newsletter doing the rounds I think when I was in my final year of my undergrad (2003-04) but the name escapes me! As I recall it was printed on a single sheet and folded down.

  9. There was a publication called 60-84 so called for it’s manifesto to release 60 pages in the course of 1984. I believe therre were 4 issues?

    • Very interesting. Don’t suppose you have any copies or know anyone who might?

      • jaycarax: I don’t have a copy of 60-84 to hand. I think at the time the Students’ Union or the Admin office used to keep a file of all student publications for archival purposes because Admin had to subsidise them I suppose. Pre-digital, of course so it is probably in a box somewhere. Let me ask around and see if anyone I know might have copies

  10. I recall “Student” about 1979-81. Fintan O’Toole was editor I believe, cartoons were done by Rory O’Brien (the famous Ciaran Mulbrog?) and I believe scripted by Roddy Doyle. My brother Ronan Reilly (now Professor at Maynooth) was involved as was Dermot Kelleher, Dave Waddell and Mary Raftery and I believe Claire Connell and Cillian De Paor? My other Barry Reilly (Economics Lecturer at Sussex now) brother issued a mag about the same time (Pulse) – and I issued a 2 issue mag in 1981 covering human rights issues when Auditor of Amnesty International called “Midnight”.

  11. COGAR!; UCD’s Irish Language magazine. 2010-

  12. Awake – around 65-66.

  13. Yoo-Hoo (spelling?) “flourished” in the late ‘fifties–I was myself Chief Reporter for a period. I believe the editor was an architect called John McDonnell or O’Donnell. I have some copies.

    • Louis O'Flaherty

      I know John O’Donnell and he is anxious to obtain copies of You Who (his spelling). His phone number is 021 4292981

      Louis O’Flahety

  14. I contacted John O’Donnell (thanks for the lead, Louis) and met him today for the first time since 1959. It looks as if I have the entire archive for You-Who–nine issues–although John tells me that after a name change was forced on him by the college authorities it was re-launched as Awake (see entry above). I had forgotten that. I have been in touch with the UCD Archives Dept. and am planning to donate my collection to them.

    Peter Kelly

  15. I have a couple of copies of “Student” and “The Campus Chronicle” from 1974, priced 5p

    • Do you really have copies of UCD Student? Would love to see them – great Rory O’Brien cartoons!

    • You’re probably thinking of the great anarchic work, “Devanelvis” , which featured “The Killybog Chronicle” (Thanks and take a bow, Frank Hall ) and last only one or two issues before a certain unmentionable spent the printer’s money! Thanks for the memory. Great times, we really thought we could change the world, beginning with UCD. 🙂

  16. john o'donnell

    The dates for “The Student” are obviously wrong.I have no recollection of “The University Gazette” or any newspaper other than YOU WHO being published in 1958/59.

    “Awake” was published in 1960 but I don’t know for how long after that.

    John O’Donnell

  17. Anybody out there still? I was thinking at one stage of scanning the issues of Student, but if nobody’s going to be here to read them…what’s the point:?

  18. Yes, I was that cartoonist. “Student” was great when it kicked off in 1976. I designed the layout and yes, did a long running cartoon satire closely related to the antics of Ballymagash with a strong dose of Dublin 4 satire ( Ross’s roots can be found here) as well as vignettes and even penned a number of articles. But let me make this very clear: Student’s primary purpose was to raise funds for Mary Raftery’s chosen candidates in SU politics. When I quit I was surprised Fintan stayed on board but he wasn’t that clever. Even then. Still, no regrets. It was a wonderful time, right at the centre of everything that mattered in UCD. It was as if we were on the barricades in Barcelona!

  19. Gerry Horkan (Senior)

    I have almost full collection of Awake.I was Sports Editor for some years.Terry Brien,John Boland RIP(later Minister for Education)Jarlath McKenna RIP,and John Horgan(ater a TD and professor in DCuU were editors for different years.Awake was published by the Newman Trust a limited cmpany we set up. James Boylan was Chairman and Donal McGahon was Treasurer of the Trust.My brother David was also on the Board..I have numerous student papers including copies of You Who Campus and others from 1975 when I worked in UCD. I also have Student Union Handbooks from that period and photographs.Interesting to hear other peoples versions of events.I was there and have a very good memory.Regards to Dave Waddell,Fintan O’Toole ,Clare Connell,Michael Reilly,Cillian De Paor,Roddy Doyle,all mentioned above and all the great characters I dealt with over many years in the Students Union .Student Club,sports clubs and societies.
    Gerry Horkan

  20. You obviously don’t “have a very good memory” because I was the one who did the cartoon for Student

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