Update April ’09

Over the last week, I’ve posted my first seven articles and publicised the blog as much as I can online.

Over the coming weeks/months, I hope to do more research and eventually write stories on the following:

1. UCD and The Spanish Civil War; At least two students, Frank Ryan and Charlie Donnelly travelled to Spain to fight on the Republican side against Franco.
2. Easter 1916 Rising and the involvement of UCD students and staff.
3. Martin Dolphin; The strange case of the former UCD student and Maoist who was arrested, imprisoned in Mountjoy and then sent to Dundrum Hospital for the Criminally Insane after assualting a garda at the opening of the Belfield arts block in 1970.
4 UCD women’s cleaner strike in 1985 which lasted four months and saw various occupations and pickets.
5. Hans Hartmann; Nazi party member who during the war broadcast radio messages from Berlin to Ireland in Irish. He studied Irish Language and Folklore in UCD (1937-9)

Any suggestions, hints or tips on the above or any other possible stories, please email me at matchgrams (at) gmail.com

I also hope to do more research into the history of the UCDSU, Student Bar/Club and start getting stuck into the UCD Student Newspaper archive.

5 responses to “Update April ’09

  1. James Joyce. Thomas Mc Donagh,Pearse Hutrchinson. Brian O Nolan,Anthony Cronin among many others wrote for The National Student.

  2. I was mistaken about holdings of the National Student. They are in National Library and Trinity Library not UCD. I don’t know what UCD library holds. The National Student was suppressed in 1915 and again finally in 1953(?) by Michael Tierney. It was replaced by the authorities by the pro-Catholic The Student ( under the control of Dr Dunning) in 1953- not a continuation. of St Stephens- National Student. The story iof the suppression is worth telling.

  3. Martin Dolphin was, IIRC,put into the
    mental hospital for several months before
    being released-Noel Browne spoke on
    his behalf in the Dail. I think he later went to
    London and joined the
    British and Irish Communist Organisation.

    • Martin Dolphin did indeed spend three months in the Cenral Mental Hospital and it proved very difficult to get him out. I worked as a journalist for This Week magazine at the time and became aware what had happened from a one-paragraph court report in an evening paper — his co-accused (on the garda assault charge) was Ros Mitchell, a TCD student. The court was told Dolphin had been taken to the CMH. I took up the case and we published a cover story on it. I also covered subsequent court hearings at which he should have been present but the court was told by the then CMH Medical Director that “the boy is a psychopath” etc etc.
      The Maoists refused to cooperate with me, saying “Comrade Dolphin is continuing the struggle within the walls of the Cenral Mental Hospital.”
      The psychiatric profession , (with exception of Noel Browne) disgracefully turned a blind eye and deaf ear. The then Minister, Des O’Malley, refused to intervene. An independent solicitor was refused access to Dolphin. We kept writing about it, and The Irish Times also published a report.
      Finally , through the efforts of Margaret Gaj. a school friend of Dolphin’s agreed to sign an affidavit attesting to his sanity and the then Senior Counsel, Donal Barrington, made a Habeas Corpus application to the High Court, which granted the application — but before the court’s order could reach the CMH they pushed Martin out the door!

      He subsequently appeared again before the District Court on the original charge and denounced the judge once again – and spent another week in Mountjoy for Contempt of Court before the judge, Bob O hUADAIGH , THREW THE WHOLE CASE OUT IN DISGUST!

      I think he had a teaching job in Carlow RTC after graduating in science, but I lost touch.

      I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who knows what happened to him ( I fear he is deceased). And also if anyone knows the whereabouts of Ros Mitchell.

      Dick Grogan (dgdgrogan@gmail.com)

  4. Martin Dolphin, I’m glad to say is alive and well and living in London. Ros is also above ground and living in Dublin as far as I know.
    Enclosed is a free E book which has B&ICO chaps like Denis Dennehy et al in action.

    or Hungry Brigade Collective.

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